Welcome to Jaranya Thai Massage

Based in Great Dunmow Essex, Jaranya Thai Massage brings you the essence of calm, rejuvenation and tranquility.

With a number of treatments ranging from traditional Thai massage, oil massage, aroma therapy masssage, right through to Thai herbal hot massage, we can relax you and take away the tension.

With our newly refurbished salon, we have 4 tranquil rooms including a couples room with twin beds, where you will experience the true benefits of Thai massage whether you are having a head and neck massage, lower back and hips massage, or full body.

About Jaranya Thai massage

We have professional therapists, fully qualified with many years experience gained in Thailand.

We specialise in Thai Massage which is an ancient therapy interactive body technique, using pressure with finger tips, palms, elbows, knuckles, knees and heels to stretch and relax the muscles and body.

Deep tissue massage techniques are a smooth and firm mix between Thai massage and oil or Tiger Balm. Our treatment services includes traditional Thai massage, Aroma therapy, relaxing massage and deep tissue massage.

This is a professional clean family business - no extra services. For couples we have two beds in one room.

Potential benefits of Thai massage

Massage of all types is often used to relieve stress and protect against stress related health issues.

It is also said to boost energy and improve range of motion flexibility. Thai massage in particular, is said to benefit or alleviate many different health problems.

Specifically, Thai massage may:

• Relieve tension headaches
• Reduce types of back pain (typically subacute and chronic non-specific back pain)
• Relieve muscle pain and spasticity as well as joint stiffness and pain
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage
• Boost energy
• Calm the nervous system

Treatments and price list

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient therapy. It is an interactive body technique using pressure to stretch and relax the muscles to relieve pain, stiffness and tired muscles.

60 minutes - £45
90 minutes - £72

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a therapy that reaches deeper muscle pain and melts away tension, muscle stiffness and increases circulation.

60 minutes - £50

Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue massage is a smooth and firm technique which reaches the point of pain and stiffness. It is a mixture of Thai Massage and hot oils or Tiger Balm.

60 minutes - £45
90 minutes - £72

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Thai Herbal Compress Massage combines the healing effects of traditional Eastern massage techniques with heated herbal compress, containing a blend of aromatic and therapeutic traditional Thai herbs.

60 minutes - £50

Aroma therapy massage

An Aroma Therapy massage is smooth and firm with a selection of oils that you prefer. It is a good way to wind down after a long day and can assist a person's health helping with sleep and mood.

60 minutes - £45
90 minutes - £72

Relaxing hot oil massage

Relaxing hot oil massage is a smooth massage with hot oils that helps to relieve tired muscles after a long commute home or exhausting day.

60 minutes - £45
90 minutes - £72

Couples massage

A couples massage is for two people using any of the massages on the menu, relax together in our dual bed couples room.

60 minutes - £45
90 minutes - £72

What to know before your appointment

You are usually asked to bring or wear loose, comfortable clothing. A typical massage is 60 minute - 2 hours long.

Some additional tips:

• Don't have a heavy meal before a massage.

• If it is your first time at the clinic or massage, arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete the necessary forms and to change clothing if required.

• Be sure that your massage therapist has your complete health history as people with certain conditions may not be suitable for Thai massage.

• If you feel discomfort at any time, let your massage therapist know.

Possible constraints

A licensed massage therapist should ask you about your health history before the massage.

Thai massage may not be safe for someone with health conditions such as disc herniation, osteoporosis, recent surgery or cardiovascular disease

If you are considering trying Thai massage, it is a good idea to check with your healthcare provider before getting treatment to discuss whether it is appropriate for you.

Pregnant women should check with their doctor first and to seek a licensed massage therapist who is certified in pregnancy massage.

Massage shouldn't not be performed over bruises, inflamed or weak skin, unhealed or open wounds, skin rashes, tumours, abdominal hernias or recent fractures.

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